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Sample Clips

The following is a list of low resolution sample clips. Click on an image to play the clip.

Joloda - Promo


A promotional programme shot in the UK, Belgium and Holland, combining 3D graphics and live-action footage.
Diageo - Aerial Photography


Excerpt from a programme made for the world’s leading premium drinks business, featuring aerial photography.
Media Training

Media Training

A staged (and totally imaginary) incident to train senior management to re-act to a crisis situation within a company.
Heil - Promo


We’re often asked to make programmes to promote specialist products. In this case, refuse collection vehicles are the subject! Aimed at Councils and hire companies, performance and cost are important.
Interview - Promo


An interview with the boss of a recycling company. Again, the bottom line is important.
Multi-lingual translations


A promotional programme made in six languages. Featuring a short clip in English, then the same sequence in three other languages.
Health & Safety

Health & Safety

An excerpt from a Site Induction programme for a large paperboard mill.